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There are no words to describe this. It's just so outside the box, but also verry deep in the problem, and showing it in a verry funny (and peculiar) way. You have great potential and i look forword to the next subscriptions. Bravo!!!!!

Verry good game!

The gameplay is good, the graphics even better but it's missing something.
I love the game, dont get me wrong, but you should add more levels. I seriously would like to see more of this. This is a constructive criticism, just something i would want more, but nontheless great game.
Keep it up!!


This game is ok , from the grafic and storyline point of view, but the gameplay is
not so great. The alien is hard to control, you dont't have enough powerups and so on.....
Don't get me wrong. I like the game but it just doesn't stand up in this game type. THERE ARE A LOT (a lot) of games that are better than this.
I know that you worked on this a lot, and i 'm making a constructive criticism
Try to improve the gameplay, and you will do just fine.

a good game

It's a good game but it's full of glitches.( when the girl gets fingered by the hand, her left breast turns black, for example)
But, anyway, it's a great game.
Thumbs up!


brilliant!... simply brilliant!!

fun but needs improvement

Its a great game, with verry good graphics and interresting concepts, but the gameplay lacks a lot of things
For example, its too hard. The waves keep on getting harder and you dont have the chance to evolve before the base iss destroyed.
Make it a little easyer and make more simpler waves (and try ,instead of the towers, to make a n option of building walls)
Anyway, nice game and thumbs up!

viva la fulp

LOVE IT!! so S.O.P.A showld suck my c#$%

Best one yet

I think this is the best game you made so far, and it's quite a game.
Challenging and( verry....) rewarding.
Nice job!

Veinom responds:

Thank you! ^^

good gameplay

I like the gameplay verry much.

Kajenx responds:

I like this comment. :) I always feel like gameplay is my weakest element.

Nice game

Verry addicting!
Thx! :D


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